Explore the valor and dedication of Pittsburgh's military community with our "Military" section in "Guides N' That," where we honor both active-duty service members and veterans who have contributed to the safety and freedom of our nation. This section celebrates the courage, commitment, and sacrifices of these individuals, highlighting their experiences both during service and beyond.

Each profile offers insights into the lives of these military members, delving into their roles within the armed forces, the missions they've undertaken, and the skills they've acquired. Discover the personal stories of bravery and resilience that define their service, as well as their transitions back to civilian life, where many continue to lead and serve in different capacities within the Pittsburgh community.

The "Military" section also provides resources and information on local veterans' organizations, support networks, and community engagement activities that focus on giving back to those who have served. It’s a tribute to those who have worn the uniform, showcasing how their influence extends beyond the battlefield through leadership, community service, and advocacy.

Whether you are a member of the military community, a family member, or a civilian wishing to understand more about the military experience and how to support our veterans, this section is a powerful resource. Join us in recognizing and supporting Pittsburgh's military personnel, whose profound dedication and sacrifices enrich and protect our community and country.

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