Dive into the literary landscape of Pittsburgh with our "Authors" section in "Guides N' That," where we celebrate the writers who capture the essence, history, and spirit of this dynamic city through their words. This section profiles a diverse group of local authors whose works range from fiction and poetry to non-fiction and journalism, showcasing the rich narrative talents that Pittsburgh harbors.

Each profile explores the author's background, key works, and the themes that drive their storytelling. Discover how the city of Pittsburgh, with its unique neighborhoods, storied past, and vibrant community, inspires and shapes their writing. Learn about their writing processes, the challenges they face in the literary world, and their contributions to local and national literary scenes.

The "Authors" section not only highlights established names but also introduces emerging voices, offering insights into their journeys and the fresh perspectives they bring to their readers. Whether you're a bibliophile, an aspiring writer, or someone interested in the cultural fabric of Pittsburgh, this section provides a window into the world of those who weave tales and craft essays that resonate with readers far and wide.

Join us in celebrating the storytellers of Pittsburgh, whose words enrich our understanding of the city and whose narratives continue to add depth to Pittsburgh's cultural legacy. Whether exploring gritty thrillers, poignant memoirs, or insightful guides, the "Authors" section in "Guides N' That" invites you to meet the minds behind the books that celebrate and scrutinize this ever-evolving city.

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Matt De Reno is a local author living in...